Technology Based Innovation for NP Student Tracking

Friday, April 24, 2015
Key Ballroom 11-12 (Hilton Baltimore)
Helen Miley, RN, PhD, CCRN, AG-ACNP and Courtney Reinisch, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, DCC, School of Nursing, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
Nurse Practitioner student documentation of clinical experience is a requirement for the evaluation of a student's learning and for program accreditation.  Continuous monitoring of students' clinical progress can pose challenges for clinical faculty and program directors (Squire, 2009). Paper logs were once used for the collection of this data; however, technology allowed for the development of electronic logs (Boyle, Joachim, Helmer, & Kanji, 2008).

            Institutions may elect to utilize an existing electronic platform for the documentation of NP students' clinical experiences. Multiple barriers may be found in using an existing system.  Consideration must be given to cost, the ease of use, for both the student and faculty to have a successful acceptance of the system (Squire, 2009). 

            A decision was made to move to an available electronic platform at a college in 2011 and was implemented in 2012.  After using paper and moving to an available tracking system, faculty and students were dissatisfied with the change.  The electronic platform was cumbersome to use and the licensing was expensive to purchase.  After repeatedly going back to the platform provider, faculty decided that the system would not meet their student and faculty needs.

            With the support of the Dean of the College, Program directors, NP faculty, and Informatics faculty a decision to develop a program to the meet the needs of our NP students and faculty in both primary and acute care specialties.  It would allow faculty academic freedom to select what areas of the clinical experience they want to have the student collect data on.   It would allow for feedback to the students, rather than just collecting hours.  Additionally, the program would have an area for the tracking of scholarly activities that NP and Leadership DNP students can use to collect related to their Capstone projects.

            This poster presentation will describe the development an individualized web based innovation for NP student tracking.  The learner will understand the process and input required from students and faculty to make this a successful undertaking.